Saturday, April 19, 2008

Commercial Photographer with Supermodel Angie Everhart

Zen is recognized for his celebrity weddings and as a destination wedding photographer - but he is also a commercial photographer. His latest commercial photo shoot was at the ultra high end Pier 59 Studios for the mega successful supplement company Xenadrine.

Hired by MuellerWest Advertising - Zen Todd Photographers was given the task of producing and photographing this entire commercial shoot.

The talent was none other than long time supermodel Angie Everhart. Angie is a consummate professional and a dream to work with. In fact it wasn't the first time that Zen has photographed Angie. Several years back they did a sexy bathing suit session in Malibu and just by coincidence they teamed up again.

Speaking about rocking - check out the studio and lighting setup! The Broncolor Light is 11 feet from edge to edge! Even the studio employees were dropping in and gasping at the site of largest single light source available - although not yet available in the USA - this one came straight from Hong Kong. Connections:-)

Here is Angie getting a little make-up. She honestly doesn't need much.

Like a true supermodel Angie brings her little baby along. He gets credit for being incredibly well behaved.

Here is Zen - hard at work.

Zen and Angie pose for a quick photo.

Finally - here are some examples of the images Zen captured.

Ohhhh, what a cute little guy. He he:-)

I especially love this new processing that Zen is doing. Sexy!

Keep your eyes open for the National Xenadrine Campaign. The final ads are scheduled to run in every national magazine imaginable.