Sunday, January 6, 2008

Celebrity Christmas Party

December 22nd
Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof - Nassif
Beverly Hills, California 90210

Paul and Adrienne - looking good!

Little man Gavin.

Big and little Gavin. Notice the timeless canvas portraits of the children in the background - he he I took those.

I loved the LED Palms Casino drink cubes.

They had an "ice" skating rink with professional skaters dancing as background entertainment. Only in LA.

Robert Shapiro, Joe Pesci and his boys enjoying a conversation about their newly formed knitting circle.

Big man Dr. Phil was super cool.

Barry Bonds - he tolerated me.

Joe was thankful I introduced him to Paris. He says she tasted like white chocolate.

Paris loved us and took our card! No matter what the press says - Paris is cool.

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Tammi Swanson said...

Beautiful! Nice work Zen. Why wasn't I invited?